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The 2012 Constitution Regulations Statutory Guidance, released September 2016  Click here

OFSTED Annual Report 2015/2016 Click here

MATs Good Practice Guidance and Expectations for Growth Click here

Have you run a skills audit of each governor?

The National Governors Association, supply the attached audit to enable you to use your Governors to the best advantage.   Check it out.  Click here


Ofsted ensuring your pupils reach their potential


The DfE is currently are working on streamlining and updating the school governance content on the website. For quicker access to the governance area simply search for:


Governors Handbook 2013  Click here

Sally Varley sent us this useful link, to find out more, please feel free to use this access.

We are pleased to be able to share our draft commissioning strategy with our partners and stakeholders – see attached link  ~  .  We welcome debate and constructive comments about our plans for the next three years.  This draft Education Delivery Plan sets out how, through Learning without Limits – the North Somerset Challenge! we will work with our partners to deliver new school places to meet Basic Need; how we will support schools to be good and outstanding and sustainable, how we will support schools working in partnerships and collaborations to meet the needs of their local communities; and how we will improve the participation of our young people beyond school so they can reach their full potential in the world of employment


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